You can be a member of the Big Captain filmmaking team

You can be a member of the Big Captain filmmaking team and influence the Big Captains’ decisions!

Many wanted, at least once, to be the eye or brain behind the camera when shooting movies, TV shows, commercials, and other filmmaking. Without any doubt having creative control over the visual elements of the film through the direction of camera operations, the composition of the scene, or implementing some own filmmaking ideas can give more pleasure for sure.

If this sounds incredibly appealing to you and you think you have the artistic eye and willingness to do whatever it takes to become part of a cinematographer team, then this article is for you.

The Big Brother reality show has made it possible to fulfill the wishes of all who want to be part of the filmmaking team. Just buy VIP Co-Producer Pass, and you are in!

The VIP Co-Producer Pass makes it possible for viewers to be part of the show and have even more fun. You get a nonexclusive co-producer title, and you can influence the Big Captains’ decisions inside the show!

All non-exclusive producers can recommend their own decisions to polls and get access to polls with all other co-producers. Decisions that win votings are sent to the Big Captain on the show, and he will execute them for you.

Sure, you must not spend time on a film set, because all is possible to do online through the Big Captains’ online film management control panel.

And sure, your name as co-producer will be on the official film crew list.

You can get your VIP CO-PRODUCER PASS here.

Let’s have fun and create legendary moments together.