Big Captain pushes boundaries

Reality Television Goes Interactive as Never Before: The Big Captain pushes boundaries

Reality television was taken to a new reality with the first Big Captain reality show started at the end of 2020. Television and Internet audiences were already married in the past. “Big Brother” types of shows are, without any doubt, one of the extreme examples of that kind as voyeuristic and interactive aspects are most connected.

The Big Captain reality show offered new experiences never seen for global television audiences! There is not just a historical case as that type of TV show is for the first time filmed on the boat.

The opportunity viewers to interact with a television show is increased to unbelievable levels. The Big Captain show doing stuff no-one had been able to do before, like:

– Can you believe that reality show contestants can see their own reality show viewers with the Big captain?
– Viewers with VIP Co-Producer tickets can influence the Big Captains’ decisions inside the show!
– Reality show contestants can GO LIVE whenever they wish?
– Contestants win money in real-time… whaat?
– Secret chats between reality show players
– The use of a mobile application is built into the show

It is a reality show like you’ve never seen before.

The Internet has been found to involve more audience selection then television. Because of this ability to select viewers individually, it is more attractive to most of the users in the new modern era. The Big Captain uses both the Internet and TV as a publishing medium.

Combining the Internet and television on the Big captain’s way leads to interactive entertainment and information system for the next decade. This combination gives the consumer more opportunities for interactivity than ever before.

In this way, viewers have more knowledge about what they are watching and be more likely to participate in in-show and post-show activities. Viewers of the Big Captain show have the potential for a more in-depth understanding of the show’s participants.

The Big Captain opens a window, so to speak, for the next level of innovative filming for television viewers worldwide.