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Available till 30.12.2020 or till all seats filled

Yes, it is true; everyone who wishes can be part of the Big Captain reality show. Whenever you want to get an artist account and be competitor, resell tickets (Invite & Promote rights) or buy cheaper pay per view access, EARLY BIRD ticket makes all this possible for you!

The reality show starts on the way that everyone with EARLY BIRD ticket gets 30.12.2020 the Big Captain mobile app and starts phase 1 competition virtually through a mobile application. After the virtual game is done, 12 winning contestants will be chosen to travel to Croatia and live with Big Captain on the boat next 90 days.


We are publishing the whole production timeline for Big Captain reality show here.


The Big Captain artist and contestant account give you access to Big Captain app after the EARLY BIRD period ends from 30.12.2020



The reality show competition phase 1 begins in virtual mode using the Big Captain app.



Virtual phase 1 finished, and winning 12 contestants will be chosen.



Twelve contestants travel to Croatia on the 15.04.2021 and phase 2 and living on the boat in isolation begins.



Big Captain season 1 ends, and we know the winner of the Big Captain reality show!



Every Big Captain contestant has access to the Big Captain app. The app has integrated multiple features for users to record videos, music, or performances and share them with the viewers.

Audio/Song Selection

Select your favorite tracks or upload your own, for your custom video dubbed post

Video Selfie & Dubbing

You can record custom music-dubbed video selfie posts or record performances and other multiple options to help users become mini internet stars themselves on our customizable Big Captain app. Users can set video speed preferences to showcase themselves in slow-mo or fast too.

Take & Share Pictures With Stickers & Filters

Share your dubbed video or media under specific categories, on your profile, with other users or on other social channels as well on the Big Captain customizable video sharing app.

Add Filters & Effects

Add various filters to images to help get the perfect look. From text to structures, add effects on images for an extra zing!

Multiple Picture / Video Sharing Options

Share your dubbed video or media under specific categories, on your profile, with other users, or on other social channels as well on the Big Captain app.

Create Your Unique Big Captain Channel

Users can start their own unique Big Captain reality show channel and compete against other Big Captain contestants.

Dynamically Updated News Feed

Based on the user’s followers & following, the newsfeed is constantly updated to showcase the latest posts from other users, channels, top viewed posts in the area, local/globally trending channels & more. Designed for maximum user engagement rate.

View Big Captain Show Player Profiles

You can view profiles from various Big Captain reality show contestants. Like & follow Big Captain show players.

View & Like Your Favorite Posts

You can view posts from various Big Captain reality game players. Like, comment and share posts easily.

Personal & Global News Feed

Contestants can view status updates from channels & users they follow, as well as top trending updates from Big Captain contestants around the globe. The feed is dynamically updated using our robust social feed script.

Groups & Self-Destructive/Secret Chats Between Players

Contestants can create in-app groups with other players on the custom video selfie application. Inspired by Snapchat, the Big Captain social video sharing script is integrated with a ‘Secret Chat’ feature allowing players to have private conversations with other players that will be erased automatically once done.

Multiple Media Attachment Chat Options

The Big Captain social video dubbing & sharing is integrated with an in-app chat module with a wide variety of multimedia sharing options.

User Reporting

Report other players or abuse posts for some illegal or abuse app reasons. This helps maintain high content quality standards on the Big Captain reality show video-sharing app.

Additional Options & Settings

Players can modify their app settings, invite other friends, view app details & request for support.

Earn Money as Contestant: In-App Chat Money Transactions!

The Big Captain reality show has integrated in-chat transaction features to allow other users to send money via the assigned payment gateway. This in-app transaction capability makes it possible that EVERY contestant wins and earns! So pretty everyone is the winner here, it’s just a matter of how much.

Transfer Notifications

Supporters and viewers of Big Captain show players enter the money amount, and any other additional details and easy make in-app payments.

In-chat View

Payment transfer features are integrated seamlessly to make transactions while chatting a casual thing.

Your Custom Payment Preferences

Big Captain reality show players can update details regarding their payment preference or top up their in-app wallets.


You can go live super easy on the Big Captain reality show live video streaming solution. Your viewers will be notified, and they can watch the live stream in real-time on the Big Captain reality show live video streaming solution.

Comment/Send Gifts Live

Reality show viewers can drop comments or virtual gifts to the player on the Big Captain live video streaming. These gifts are bought via in-app purchase.

Reply to the Comments

Reply or post comments in real-time while you are live on the Big Captain live video streaming solution.

View Reality Show Viewers

People who are watching the video can chat with the Big Captain player, who is a live broadcaster; this chat will be visible to all the contestants on the Big Captain live video streaming.


EARLY BIRD ticket gives you the power to invite other people to the show and earn a 10% commission on every PPV ticket sale!

"Big Brother" type of shows reached hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide; for example, Brasil only last year has over 160 million viewers.

We give huge promotional and earning potential in hands to all who wish to join the Big Captain pay per view reality show.